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Organic wines, because we think that they are the most honest wines and the power of the fruit turned into wine is more strongly in them. Respecting the grape and the grapevine are part of our principles: “If you treat well and love the vine and the earth, they will give you good fruit to make the best wine.” We always use ecological grape varieties from old vines to create mono-varietal wines with best price-quality.



We want to contribute with our wines to recover the ancestral viticulture of our territory and geographical area called as “Garraf-Penedés”. Our name, Vinyes7Pams, refers to the old measures between rows of vines, planted approximately 1’5 meters away from each other or with the measure of 7 spans. The enogastronomy, the historical crops and the great gastronomic culture of the area, are a very important piece to understand what we do and the reasons why we do it. This project was born to earn a living with what we like to do: culture, land, people and love for nature. All of this has been captured in our protagonist: our wine.




We are three friends passionate about wine who fight for we like and we want to share it with all the restless people and lovers of good wine, territory and viticulture. Carrying out everything that we have learned and enjoying everything we have left to know and experience. With our work and effort we want to contribute to the conservation of our closest environment and to help to recover our historical varieties and lost traditions.

– Javi, Pau i Miquel



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